Dr. Hajari, DC

I am a chiropractor for last 34 years.
My initial reaction was somewhat neutral when I got introduced to this product.
But when I started using it, I realized if it is used properly, it will definitely help to relax tight back muscles. I don’t notice big difference when I don’t have difficulty with my back;
However When I do have fatigue and soreness , I use it for 10 minutes and it will melt away those tightness.
It helps particularly the transitional spinal segments and it’s paravertebral muscles. This particular product has made of three separate parts and I got excited when I discovered that I can use the neck support as a lumbar support during sitting when I need strong and firm support for my low back. I will recommend this product to friends and family.


Sharon -

I’m a 67 year old woman and not an athlete. At the end of my day I use the device to relax on while I scan my phone for games, email and kindle reads.   I have lower back and mid back pain. Tight neck and shoulder muscles. My posture is not the best especially after sitting at the computer or standing and prepping for gatherings, so the device helps ease my back and works on the trigger points.   When really ambitious I do stretches I learned for sciatica pain I had. The lower back gets support so doing leg lifts doesn’t put added strain. Rocking works my hips. Moving my arms up and around gives a nice massage into the shoulder blades.   I even fall asleep on the device. Rather than dozing off in a chair, taking an afternoon nap on it is a much better position. No matter what am doing on it, when getting up I can feel how my posture and energy has reset. It’s become a part of my health care maintenance.


Dealia Chen-

Product review A saviour to my daily life! Many of us spend countless hours hunched over our computers and smartphones. It’s difficult to maintain good posture and have regular stretch. I have used Contoureal device to keep core strength. Without a coach, I can make sure I am in the right position in stretching back. Here are what good in it: 1. The design brings comfort: Normally I will take 15-30 minutes per day to lie on device. And it makes easier to do stretch. 2. Easy to use, I only need to adjust the position of my head placed. 3. I can feel improvement like sleeping better and alleviating the tension in my neck. 4. To consider the long-term value, the price is worthwhile to spend. This Contoureal device has exceeded my expectations, providing a comfortable, effective, and user-friendly solution to poor posture. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to adjust their posture, reduce discomfort, and promote overall spinal health. Graceplus Limited Taiwan Business Manager- Dealia Chen


M. Farahani

I have suffered with back pain and tension for many years despite performing all the stretching exercises suggested by my doctor. Since adding the ContouReal to my exercise routine, I have noticed an easing of my back pain. In the morning, my back is often stiff and painful. I spend about 20 minutes doing stretches and exercises using the Contoureal before going to work and notice that the relief I get takes me through the day. The device has become part of my regular back care routine. It comes with easy instructions for use and doesn’t require alot of room to operate, so I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers with back pain and or tension.



The first time I saw the device, Contoureal, it was intimidating. My first experience showed me how tight my lower back was. My lower back has given me problems almost all my adult life. By the third experience with this device I was able to fully relax my lower back along with the rest of my spine. This is an amazing product and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone that needs help with their spine and back!! Incredible device and I hope this is available in your gym!!


Taylor Martin

“As a past athlete and current active healthcare professional, I’m on my feet all day and while living a healthy lifestyle my back sure does feel it some days. However, after one 45min mobility session with the Contoureal Spinal Corrector my back felt “less tight” the very next day. This device is customizable to your spine and I feel will be of great benefit to any who needs to release tension on their back or help with their back mobility in general.” Thentic #ILiveThentic ThenticNutrition.com


JD -

I’ve been using the Contoureal in my mobility class at Inspired Life Fitness. Since using the Contoureal, my back pain has gone down. I use to have a vertebra in my neck that would stick out, I stopped having this issue since using the Contoureal and doing the mobility classes. The device is easy to use and versatile. I’ve used the Contoureal to help align my back, also to work on my leg and arm muscles. It has helped me reset my muscles and eliminate the pain and stress my body had been under. My workouts have become more effective and I am seeing the results of being able to move pain-free in my daily activities.  JD


Glenn Mavor

As a Reiki practitioner and energy cleaning specialist, I am curious of ways that can help energy flow in the body. In my use this device helped open my body up where it would get contracted from stress. From a physical perspective I found my energy was freed up, and I feel relief in the back, shoulders and neck where I normally tense up. The relief provided I feel can help with the overall energy one experiences overall.


Coach Shawn

“As a lifestyle coach, personal trainer and fitness enthusiast finding Contoureal posture corrector has been life changing and transformational. We all find ourselves needing improved strength, mobility (strength through range of motion) and improved flexibility! Look no further!


This device I would describe as the most effective myofascial self care device I have ever used helping you treat your body in those areas you often times need to see a massage therapist, chiropractor, or other professional treat, those areas in your back, spine, shoulders, and neck. Something that makes this device so powerful is that you can position your body comfortable on the device easily allowing our body to relax into the device. I personally have spent several hours, 50 plus, treating my own body and feel amazing. It has cut my recovery time in 1/2 and allows me to personally treat my own body and continue to stay focused on my training. The best advice I can give is spend some quality time exploring how your body feels on the device and discover the possibilities. We have had several clients say: “I could fall asleep on the device”. We highly recommend the Contoureal Spine Corrector” Coach Shawn & Tiffany  inspiredlifefit.com