Reach for greater range of motion!

Discover relief from back discomfort and improved posture with ContouReal adjustable back stretching device. Tailored for targeted exercises including back stretches for low back, neck, and shoulder area. Experience the transformative benefits of flexibility and range of motion!

Introducing Contoureal Full body workout machine for home – Stretch your limits, meditate you spine!

Elevate Your Well-Being! Experience the transformative power of Contoureal, a customizable training device meticulously designed to promote proper posture during relaxation and spine works. Workout machine for whole body, elevate your yoga, weight lifting or Pilates routine with this innovative tool, and straighten your posture!


Embrace Better range of motion with CONTOUREAL smart back support

Discover the transformational power of CONTOUREAL, This smart back support includes clavicle neck support, mid back support, pelvic-lower back support and trigger point rocker alignment for deeper impact. Whether you're exercising or simply relaxing, experience a new level of wellness, range of motion, and confidence with CONTOUREAL.

Full body exercise machine: Pivot your posture, modify your life!

Discover the CONTOUREAL Full body exercise machine to decompress spine– your key to increased range of motion and mobility. Expertly crafted to optimize natural body curves, CONTOUREAL offers a supportive trigger point rocker aligned surface for targeted exercises. Use the clavicle neck support as a back support for the chair. Enhance the benefits of weightlifting, and meditation. Elevate your well-being with CONTOUREAL!

Yoga practitioners, Personal trainers!

Unlock Your Full Potential in Yoga and Personal Training! Join our physical training coach as he explores the transformative benefits of the CONTOUREAL Full body exercise machine. Discover how lying down on a smart back support & workout machine for the whole body enhances meditation and elevates the quality of your practice. Elevate your well-being with CONTOUREAL!

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I’m a 67 year old woman and not an athlete. At the end of my day I use the device to relax on while I scan my phone for games, email and kindle reads.

Dr. Hajari

I am a chiropractor for last 34 years. My initial reaction was somewhat neutral when I got introduced to this product. But when I started using it, I realized if it is used properly, it will definitely help to relax tight back muscles. I don’t notice big difference when I don’t have difficulty with my back;

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Coach Shawn

As a lifestyle coach, personal trainer and fitness enthusiast finding Contoureal posture corrector has been life changing and transformational.